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Measure Speed

See the speed you actually get where you use mobile internet.

Compare Operators

See the speeds that other users get with their network operators.

Analyze Network

Monitor and analyze your mobile network quality at different places and times.

Get Better Mobile Plan

Find the fastest operator and click for the best operator deals at your area.

Scientific Technology

JoikuSpeed uses highly accurate and reliable speed measurement technology called NetRadar, designed by research team of Aalto University in Finland.

Worldwide Coverage

With more than one billion speed comparison data points from mobile users worldwide, the service covers hundreds of thousands of cell sites across all operator networks in the world.

Speeds on Map

Discover speediest operators on a map with your web browser. Map service is in beta phase with only limited speed data at the moment. Full data support will be added soon.

How it works

Using JoikuSpeed is super simple. Just one click to race your mobile operator internet speed.

You can also turn on advanced network quality monitoring and click for best available operator deals at your area!

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You can also look up user speeds by area on a Netradar speed map.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with JoikuSpeed?

JoikuSpeed lets you find the fastest operator where you use mobile internet. You will see your actual mobile internet speed with comparison to what other mobile users get from their operators. You can turn on an advanced speed monitor to analyze your operator network connection quality at different places and times. You can click for best available operator deals at your area.

How does JoikuSpeed measure my mobile speed?

JoikuSpeed uses scientifically developed speed measurement technology called NetRadar, designed by research team of Aalto University in Finland. Speed measurement servers are located across the world. The results are as reliable and accurate as scientifically possible.

How does JoikuSpeed create the operator comparison?

JoikuSpeed connects to a speed database with more than one billion speed comparison data points from mobile users across all network operators in the world. JoikuSpeed detects your location and compares user evidenced speeds from other networks at your site.

How can operators benefit of JoikuSpeed?

JoikuSpeed solution contains an advanced OperatorConnect Platform, with HTML5 operator feed for local subscription deals. Network operators can join JoikuSpeed to establish a direct bridge from area speed results to local deal subscriptions. JoikuSpeed can detect existing versus new customers and tailor the shown deal per user profile. JoikuSpeed is a good avenue for operators to attract new subscribers and 4G upgrades.

Which phone models are supported and how can I get JoikuSpeed?

JoikuSpeed runs currently on Android phones, from OS 2.2 upwards. You can download JoikuSpeed Android app for free from Google Play or from Amazon Store.

What is coming next?

We continue to enrich JoikuSpeed feature set. Next we will focus on making the Speed Monitor feature in JoikuSpeed Android app much more rich and graphical with loads of added statistical value and analysis. We will add new logical angles for speed comparison results such as top speeds versus average speeds. We will also populate the web map service with speed data from Android, iPhone and other devices to turn it into a worldwide web browser speed comparison service. We would love to hear what you would like to see included in JoikuSpeed!

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Operator speeds should be transparent

For better mobile internet speeds.

Everyone has the right to know the best mobile internet operator at their location. Everyone has the right know the actual mobile internet speed versus promised theoretical maximum. Network speeds can be more than 20 times faster depending on choice of an operator and phone model.

JoikuSpeed lets you find the fastest mobile internet operator where you want to use mobile internet!

What do people think?

JoikuSpeed measurements are as accurate and reliable as scientifically possible. Watch the video.

Jukka Manner Professor at Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

Operators are not delivering the speed they promise. JoikuSpeed makes operator mobile internet speeds transparent, which will change the world! Watch the video.

Pekka Abrahamsson Professor, Italy

Works perfectly! Finally I can know which operator to choose for fastest Internet.

Claudio M. Camacho ★★★★★ @Google Play

Measurements work nicely.

Boyan Tabakov ★★★★★ @Google Play

Awesome and addictive. I was looking for an app to test and compare my mobile carrier speed. This app does the job very well and I was happy to find that my mobile internet speed was way better than the average in my area :) Maybe I will have to upgrade to a 4G data plan to enjoy the full potential of my Galaxy S3!

Eero Rönkkö ★★★★★ @Google Play


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